Lara Schaeffer

Uniquely Qualified

In my 28 years of teaching and interacting with students, parents, and colleagues, my communication and listening skills have been finely honed...those skills, combined with the heightened perception and emotional empathy which my autism has gifted me with, make me a valuable resource for fellow autistics and their loved ones.


I guide and mentor individuals on the spectrum through self-assessment, school and employment challenges, relationship challenges, and more. I have the autistic life experience of navigating grade school, college, and Ivy-league graduate school, entering into and succeeding within the professional world, and being in romantic relationships and two marriages. I also know the life-changing surprise of being diagnosed later than in childhood. Because of my lived experience, I offer much more pointed and effective advice to autistics than a person without autism would be able to.


Additionally, I am the child, sibling, and parent of a mother, sister, and daughter who are all on the spectrum, so I am able to relate to both sides of varying dynamics involving autistic individuals.

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Uniquely Qualified

My role is to provide context, answer questions, and be a resource about life on the spectrum for patients and their loved ones.