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Lara Schaeffer Autism

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I offer in-person sessions in the tri-state area and eastern PA, as well as one-on-one or small group/family video conferencing nationwide and internationally. 


Guided self-assessment for autism can take place over one, two or three sessions, depending on budgetary concerns and the depth of information a person is seeking.

For consultation after an autism diagnosis, many clients find that one or two sessions are adequate to help them begin to adjust to their (or their loved one's) autism diagnosis or to other important turning points in life. Alternatively, I am available for longer-term consultation as well. Some find that a once or twice-yearly check-in is a valuable resource as they or their loved ones navigate the neurotypical world.


If you think that a pre-session video chat might help you make your decision about booking with me, I am happy to do that free of charge.


Please note, my services are NOT a substitute for counseling and/or therapy.


Phone: 201-787-7721