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Sharing Autism | Lara Schaeffer on Instagram

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Cause and effect: a relationship as old as time. A certainty, in of life's few.

In this photo which I was thrilled to capture, the presence of a leaf on the left side of the rock has created beautiful ripples in the flowing water of a creek near my home.

How we treat other people, and whether or not we act with patience and kindness, has just as real effects on individuals and society as a whole as this leaf does on the water around it. Our interactions with others affect them as well as those around them.

This photo and and a caption for it are a post on my Instagram account, Sharing Autism. In addition to photos and musings similar to this one, other posts are quick facts and revelations about autism which I compose based on my ongoing research, my many interactions with other autistics, and my own lived experience.

One of the intended audiences for this account is the large group of socially conscious teens and twenty and thirty-somethings who have not yet had much experience with autism.

Even if you do not use Instagram yourself, would you consider spreading the word about

Sharing Autism | Lara Schaeffer

to the young people in your life? Of course, check it out yourself, too, and if you find it valuable, give us a follow!

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